Elsie wants to set the pace!

Digital Transformation will benefit everyone, but realizing its full potential requires an understanding of the fundamentals.

In the dance of life, change is the rhythm, and transformation is the melody behind our journey. Today, as the rhythm of change accelerates, our melody harmonizes with growth and renewal.

How relevant is this statement to us today? I’m not sure about you, but after having conversations with a few of my peers, I can say we are excited about the world evolving from rapid technological advancements, global connectivity, cultural shifts, and workplace evolution. On the other hand, we are also afraid because these changes will significantly transform each one of us.

This is what I am passionate about today and why I am passionate about this kind of work. Perhaps, I am like a nomadic horse, constantly moving between different organizations, projects, and programs throughout my three decades of working life. The best part of moving in and out is that I have experienced and worked with diverse companies, businesses, organizations, portfolios, regions, cultures, processes, needs, and expectations. This dynamic journey has required me to adapt and dance to each unique tune, fostering my growth and enriching my professional and personal life.

Today, I want to translate this rhythm and melody to help organizations and individuals to this dance tune of transformation.

How will I do it?

I hope by taking this steps, I can help organizations and individuals harmonize with the rhythm of change and join the dance of transformation, leading to sustainable growth and renewal.

Short brief about me,

I am a Digital Tranformation Consultant and Coach. I offer more than just strategy and planning. I also provide comprehensive support by integrating training and coaching into my engagement. My mission is to empower organizations and individuals with a deep understanding of transformation fundamentals and its mechanisms.

Backed by three decades of corporate experience with well-known multinationals in leadership and practitioner roles, I bring invaluable expertise to the table. In addition to my hands-on experience, I hold an Exec. Master’s in Strategic Human Resource Management (eMSHRM) and am accredited by HRDC Trainer. My certifications also include ITIL v3, Service Strategy, and Service Design. I am also a Transformation Life Coach and DISC Coach (Level 1), trained in Design Thinking, and have completed a Masterclass in Digital Disruption (PLUS Agile & Hackathons).

Today, I offer to help organizations navigate their transformation process. Do connect and engage with me to leverage my experience and expertise to work with you to navigate this transformation journey.

Elsie’s Services

If you need someone to help and faciliate you to that transformation, do reach out to her here;


Elsie can guide organizations through strategic transformation initiatives, especially in the realm of digital adoption for their 4Ps strategy (People, Process, Platform, Partners). Her expertise lies in seamlessly navigating clients through the transformation process, ensuring a smooth transition and delivering optimal outcomes.


As a certified Transformation Coach, she is passionate about helping individuals through the process of embracing change. Her focus is particularly on those who are looking into self-transformation, especially in areas of work where she helps them to navigate to find their passion and purpose.


As a Trainer, Elsie believes in setting the pace for her sessions. She begins by conducting a pulse check to assess participants’ current status and their desired outcomes. Her approach revolves around delving into the fundamentals, clarifying the purpose, desired results, and outlining the pathway to achieve them.

Current Programs

All Programs are registered under the HRD Corp scheme and is claimable.

Digital Transformation Practitioner 101

HRD Corp Program ID: 1000119702

In today’s digital landscape, it is crucial for organizations to navigate the complexities of the digital navigate organization through transformation.

Hence, this course is designed for aspiring digital leaders and drivers to learn the key fundamentals and critical success factors for them to drive digital transformation journey.

The Fudamental of Gig Economy

HRD Corp Program ID: 10001120803

Gig Economy serve beyond food or transportion delivery model. Gig Economy caters to wide range of tasks and services performed by contingent, freelancers, independent contractors, short term assignee for range of work across various industries. We need to understand the this new work model is reshaping future of work by offering both businesses greater flexibility and access to talent.

Hence, this fundamental program is designed to help businesses understand the principles behind the gig economy framework and how it can benefit organization in adapting to the future of work. This program aims to provide businesses with the fundamental knowledge of its ecosystem to support the right gig model that aligns with business needs and goals.

Digital Transformation, The Fundamentals

HRD Corp Program ID: 10001407339

Who said that only technical folks can learn about digital tranformation? Digital Transformation is 80% soft-skills, and 20% technollogy, according to Dr. Corrie Block, an Organizational Behaviour Experts who had led more than dozens of large-scale digital transformation activities.

We know and have experienced this. This is why we designed this course for you folks who are keen to learn about Digital Transformation initiative and how your can play a role in the transformation process.